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Clinometer and Compass

Perfect Vision

SatShooter Precision Compass & Angle Finder (Clinometer)

This compass and clinometer (angle finder) is a precision liquid filled instrument with both functions built into the same housing. This device is excellent for satellite installers. The exact compass heading can be aligned and then the elevation angle can be measured assuring you of a clear line of sight. This eliminates any guessing before...

$149.99  $119.99



Suunto Tandem Clinometer Compass (PVCOMAFF)

The Suunto Tandem is a liquid-filled precision compass and clinometer in one compact aluminum housing. This instrument is an excellent tool for surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners, architects, satellite installers, and for anyone who needs to be able to measure directional indications, heights, vertical angles and slopes - with...

$299.99  $179.99