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Satellite Meters

Perfect Vision

Birdog Ultra Satellite Signal Meter w Satshooter Clinometer Compass

The  Newest Version  of the Birdog;  Birdog Ultra!  All-In-One Zip Code Look Up, Spectrum Display, Expanded Measurement Display, All-In-One Power Solution and a new Constellation Diagram.Any one who has used a BirDog will already be familiar with using the BirDog Ultra as the easy to use menu system has been expanded upon to...

$729.99  $629.99


DMSI International

First Strike FS1-ProHD Satellite Meter

Quick Overview Installers Choice This meter is a dream come true and sure to be the instant favorite for installers and maintenance technicians. Some of the significant features include: ?Color LCD screen ?Up to 16,000 Satellites and Transponders can be entered ?DiSEqC switching now allows for switching up to 4 LNBFs ?LNBF voltages are now 13v,...



Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision Satellite Signal Finder Meter with Beep Tone, PVSF22K

This Satelite finder works with Dish Network and DirectTV. Connect your LNBF and TV receiver to the satellite finder to track the clearest setting for the satellite you wish to tune to. Meter with audio tone helps you align satellite antenna to signal. Audio signal gets louder at the best setting



Perfect Vision

Birdog USB Plus Satellite Meter, BIRDOGUSBPLUS

The BirDog satellite finder is a small (6 ½ X 5 X 2 ½”), lightweight (2.2 lbs), signal meter. It has been the meter of choice for many years because of it's ability to rapidly find the satellite and peak the dish to the highest signal.  The meter comes preloaded with the most popular satellites but is also...



Perfect Vision

Birdog Ultra Satellite Signal Meter (BIRDOGULTRA)

The BirDog Ultra satellite finder is a small (6½ x 6½ x 2 ½”), lightweight (2.7 lbs w/ case) signal meter. It has become the meter of choice because of its ability to rapidly find the satellite and peak the dish to the highest signal due to compatibility with the latest encryption coding, including 8PSK Turbo. The meter comes preloaded with...

$699.99  $549.90


Applied Instruments, Inc.

SUPERBUDDY Satellite Signal Meter

  ID the satellite by “align-to-lock” or “automatic scan” Positive ID multi-lock algorithm eliminates false positives Field replaceable connectors Rugged durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards Geo-sensitive “Field Guide” software stores all satellites and transponders per region Zip code or...



Applied Instruments, Inc.

SUPERBUDDY29 Satellite Signal Meter

SUPERBUDDY29    This satellite meter identifies the satellite by “align-to-lock” or “automatic scan” and the positive ID multi-lock algorithm eliminate false positives. It includes a built in 29V module. It comes with a rugged, durable aluminum case with rubber shock guards.



DMSI International

Sathero SH-200 Digital Satellite Meter

Ships from China Sathero SH-200  works anywhere in the world and is a lightest and most practical Digital Satellite TV Signal meter in the world.  It is a professional satellite finder tool of cost effective design for the satellite TV installer or end user. Simplified design, simplified menus, easy operations. The whole meter has only...



DMSI International

Trimax Sm-4500 Digital Satellite Meter

  For the first time in a economical digital meter, you are able to view the actual channel on the screen of the meter. Now you can quickly and accurately align the satellite AND you can instantly check the stability of the channel right on the screen of the meter. In this model we have eliminated the troublesome 'register code'. You will no...



Perfect Vision

Birdog Ultra Replacement Battery (1501)

Replacement battery pack for BIRDOG Ultra satellite signal meters. s/n Z02B2501501 and above

$109.99  $94.99



Directv Specific AIM Satellite Signal Meter (AIM-300)

Efficient, Rugged, and Versatile The AIM Was developed by DIRECTV, Trilithic and Indesign to provide customized features for installing and troubleshooting DIRECTV Satellite receiver systems. The AIM is a rugged meter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A fully charged AIM can be use for all aspects of installation and troubleshooting as...


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