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Birdog Ultra Satellite Signal Meter (BIRDOGULTRA)

Birdog Ultra Satellite Signal Meter (BIRDOGULTRA)

Price : $699.99  $549.90

  • Manufactured by: Perfect Vision
  • UPC: 610370580813

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The BirDog Ultra satellite finder is a small (6½ x 6½ x 2 ½”), lightweight (2.7 lbs w/ case) signal meter. It has become the meter of choice because of its ability to rapidly find the satellite and peak the dish to the highest signal due to compatibility with the latest encryption coding, including 8PSK Turbo. The meter comes preloaded with the most popular satellites but is also programmable from its own website,, and allows the user to load the meter with only the files needed (Over 256 different files can be stored). The BirDog Ultra model has an easy to use spectrum display, a digital constellation screen and many other features, including a custom carrier feature wherein the user can create their own file on site. The meter comes with both an A/C and a D/C charging cord for its rechargeable battery and has a backlight for use in low light conditions.


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