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Boss Silicone Dielectric Grease Compound pvsg440

Boss Silicone Dielectric Grease Compound pvsg440

Price : $11.99

  • Model: PVSG440
  • Manufactured by: Boss

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Silicone Dielectric Compound 5.3 Oz (Boss 440 Clear)

• Keep moisture out of electrical connections
  with this special dielectric grease
• Does not damage electrical connections
• 5.3 oz tube.

BOSS® 440 Silicone General Purpose Compound was designed for use as a protectorant compound for electronic and electrical apparatus to prevent electrical power from migrating between circuitry. It has found use on switches, high voltage insulators, battery terminals, meters, electrical connectors, buss bar and many other electrical components. BOSS® 440 is also an excellent release agent and lubricant for plastics, rubbers and glass. Being a heat stable, chemically inert, water repellent compound it offers superior protection.