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Cable Pro LCCTSLM Liner Compliant Compression Tool

Cable Pro LCCTSLM Liner Compliant Compression Tool

Price : $109.99

  • Model: LCCTSLM

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• Light-weight, stainless steel compression tool is
  unique in it’s self-adjusting , one-step functionality to
  create TRUE 360º compression connections
• Creates water-tight, weather-resistant seal to reduce
  moisture migration and signal radiation leakage
• Inlcudes four interchangeable tips to compress a full
  line of F-Conn Universal compression connectors
• Compresses F-Conn Universal nickel and gold
  compression connectors in F, BNC, RCA, Right
  Angles, Speaker connectors, and Standalone Splices
  to fit RG59, RG6, Mini Coax and plenum cable sizes
• The SLM tool greatly reduces the amount of tools installers must carry
• Made in the USA