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RG11 Coax Cable

Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision RG11 Solid Copper, Dual Shield, 60% braid, Blk 1000' Reel CM C1D60VM-B-R1K

This black, 1000’ single, RG-11 coax cable has a bare copper center conductor, a gas-injected foam polyethylene insulation, an aluminum braid shield (60% coverage) and a UV resistant PVC jacket. It is swept tested 5 MHz to 3000 MHz  C1D60VM-B-R1K



Perfect Vision

Perfect VisionS1Q64PN-B-R1K RG11 QUAD MaxPipe Burial PE CATV Black-1000 FT Reel

This MaxPipe™ black, quad-shield, single, RG11 coaxial direct burial cable has a braid coverage of both 60% and 40%, a copper clad steel center conductor wire and comes 1,000' per reel.  It is swept tested to 3 GHz, 100% shielded and the jacket is made of UV resistant polyethylene.  Footage markers every two feet for easy length...



Perfect Vision

RG11 Coax Cable, Solid Copper, Dual Shield, 60% braid, Blk 1000' (PVC1D60VR)

Directv ATT Approved SERIES 11 COAXIAL DROP CABLESolid Cu, Foamed PE, Tape, 60% Braid, PVC, CM Rated