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Coax Stripper - Ripley RG59/6 & N48

Coax Stripper - Ripley RG59/6 & N48

Price : $29.99

  • Model: LDT596250
  • Manufactured by: Ripley

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This cable preparation tool is lightweight and compact. It allows you to prepare RG59 and RG6 cable without making any adjustments or requiring you to change out the blade cassette. With one step, this cable preparation tool precisely exposes the center conductor by 5/16" (7.93mm) and removes the proper length of jacket at 1/4" (6.35mm). The high quality steel blade cassettes will perform 1,500+ cable preparations under normal use. The blade cassettes are color-coded and marked with the cable series type for easy identification. This tool is not intended for plenum series cable preparation.