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Commdeck Non Penetrating Roof Mount w L-Style Strut Clips (1 Pair)

Commdeck Non Penetrating Roof Mount w L-Style Strut Clips (1 Pair)

Price : $79.99

  • Model: CommdeckwLClips
  • Manufactured by: RTSC

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This mount consist of the Commdeck Roof Mount plus a Pair of L Style Support Clipps.  If you have the Slimline Satellite Dish, The Dish Network 1000.2 or 1000.4 you will need these Clips.


If you've wanted to install a satellite dish but have avoided doing so because of the unsightly appearance of the cords on the house, as well as because of the inherent damage done to the roof, you can now rest easily. The CommDeck is a communications and satellite dish mounting system that provides a weather-tight dish-mounting platform designed to look like most roof vents. Whether you're pre-wiring a new home or completing dish or antenna installation today, the CommDeck eliminates the need for exposed wiring or cabling while preventing damage to your roof or siding.


  • CommDeck lid & base
  • Assembly label
  • 5 3/4" x 1/4" cap bolts
  • 5 3/4" Tek screws
  • 8 2" trusshead screws
  • 4 1/4" rubber plugs
  • 5 bonded sealing washers
  • 5 1/4" star nuts
  • 8 Neoprene washers
  • Foam gasket
  • Pair of L Style Support Clipps


Protect your most important investment, your home, with the CommDeck, a satellite dish mounting system designed to provide superior strength without damaging your roof. Tested in 100-mph winds, the CommDeck provides a weather-tight seamless-construction mounting platform that prevents mold caused by leaking roofs. The base sits underneath your existing shingles, so there will be no exposed holes in the roof.

Made of stamped 18 gauge galvanized steel, the Commdeck Satellite Dish Mounting System provides for easy installation and removal of the satellite dish at any time. Its universal hole pattern supports dishes 18" to 36" in size.


Whether planning for the future or remounting an existing dish or antenna, Commdeck is the answer for a damage free installation.


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