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Connector, Digicon S Series RG6-Blue. (bag of 100)

Connector, Digicon S Series RG6-Blue. (bag of 100)

Price : $49.99

  • Model: DS6

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Premium RG6 F-connectors for RG6 60% braid thru RG6 tri-shield coaxial cable
Digicon coax connectors terminate with a conical compression
The 360 degree conical compression seals connector around cable jacket
Digicon S Series die creates compression sledge in connector
Digicon connectors include a unique machined brass sealing ring located in the final compression taper to create a permanent water barrier at connector base.
A lubricated internal O-ring prevents moisture migration at the mandrel nut.
A large ferrule contact surface ensures a proper RF & digital interface.
The free-spinning brass tin-plated body & nickel-plated nut provide superior corrosion resistance & durability
The connector nut is 50 percent larger, 20 percent deeper, with 30 percent more threads for a firmer grip & to provide a secure weathertight connection.
Bag of 100