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DIRECTV 21 Tuner Reverse Band 5 LNB (5D2RB)

DIRECTV 21 Tuner Reverse Band 5 LNB (5D2RB)

Price : $99.99  $49.99

  • Model: 5D2RBLNB
  • Manufactured by: Directv
  • UPC: 762691003608

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Attaches to any Slimline dish and provides 21-tuner capability to Genie DVRs and SWM-capable legacy equipment. Self-configuring, simply remove the old LNB connect it, and reboot all your receivers! (DIRECTV 4K Service requires an HR54 Genie DVR plus a C61K 4K Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV 4K-ready smart TV) 

DIRECTV 21 Tuner  Reverse Band 5 LNB (5D2RB)  Support 13 tuners (1 channel reserved for control) (firmware supports 21 tuners unofficially) • No support for legacy devices (pre-D12/pre-H21 receivers) (D12 and R16 receivers may experience errors with this LNB) • Can be used with all Slimline reflectors • Can be powered by HR54, H44, PI21 or PI29Z power inserter • For 4K, HD and SD programming • Receives signals (when available) from 99 and 103 satellite locations



DIRECTV’s latest LNB is designed to provide service to those who need access to the 119 satellite location for any programming. As with the Reverse Band 3 LNB, it is SWM only. This makes sense since the HR54 Genie is also SWM-only. The HR54 Genie is the only receiver capable of supporting 4K (although it does not output 4K.) Later in 2016, DIRECTV is expected to offer a non-SWM version which will require a special SWM module, for commercial and large-scale residential applications. This new LNB fits existing Slimline dishes and looks very similar to a standard Slimline-5 LNB except that the purely decorative plastic has been removed from the left edge. As a result the LNB no longer looks visually balanced but it is considerably smaller. Unlike previous LNBs there is no logo on the front, which reflects a shift to the new AT&T branding which is starting to roll out for new customers. While the LNB has been in testing for several months, there is no release date set yet. 



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