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Directv Slimline SWM Dish w SL5S LNB, J Mount and Support Braces

Directv Slimline SWM Dish w SL5S LNB, J Mount and Support Braces

Price : $189.99  $129.99

  • Model: SWM5Dish
  • Manufactured by: The Satellite Shop
  • UPC: 861647606761

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The Directv HD SWM SLS5 Slimline Dish pics up the 99, 101, 103, 110 and 119 Directv Satellite. This dish must be alligned using the TV screen unless you choose a Directv SWM Capable Meter


The H25 and HR34 Directv Satellite Receivers  require this LNB style though compatable with all Directv receivers.



Directv SL5S Lnb for HD Slimline Dish Antenna.  If you have a Directv SlimLine dish antenna and want to upgrade to a single wire setup this is the way to go.

The SL5S lnb is able to pick up 5 satellite locations for DIRECTV high defintion programming on one lnbf. This lnbf picks up programming from the 101, 110, and 119 satellites. Along with these satellites this integrated lnbf also picks up signal from the new KA satellites which are the 99 and the 103 satellites.

The SL5S LNB is designed with an built-in 8-channel multiswitch which allows you to have multiple satellite feeds at once. This means that one output can carry satellite signal from all five satellites in the sky.

This is designed for the DIRECTV SlimLine Dish.


  1. Slim Profile makes this dish aesthetically pleasing for areas with Home Owners Association
  2. Dish size: 22.5 in. x 32.5 in.
  3. Includes the Azimuth/Elevation Mount
  4. Includes long and short support bracket for stability
  5. To be used to pick up high definition local channel programming from DIRECTV
  6. All components are Directv approved manufacturers.
  7. Four outputs carrying satellite signal from all Five satellites in the sky
  8. Heavy duty J-Mount with 2" outer diameter mast opening
  9. Capable of receiving DIRECTV satellite signals on the Ku band (101, 110, 119) and Ka band (99, 103)
  10. LNB arm with LNBS attached extends 23.5" from the dish surface area
  11. Including J-mount Mast, Dish Surface, Dish Back Assembly, Arm and Pole Attachment Braces

The PI-21 is specifically designed for use with the Single Wire SlimLine Dish Antenna. This is necessary for installing the Slimline SL5-S and the SL3-S dish.   Basically it powers up the LNB to 21 Volts.



Wideband Splitter (5-2150 mHz) for AU9-S-SWM 5LNB KaKu SlimLine Antenna or the AU9-S-SWM 3 LNB Slimline Antenna.



Pitch Pads, Mastic Adhesive Sealing compount are used under satellite antenna mounts when the securing lag screws need to be sealed from moisture penetration.  That is the intended use.  It can also be used to wrap around exposed low-voltage fittings and can be used to caulk around drilled holes to keep out bugs and moisture.  It stays flexible for a long time and cna later be removed if necessary.

This sealant is useful for many different jobs.  Tacky black flexible mastic.  Stays flexible for a long time even when exposed to sunlight.  We had this compound tested for 2000 hours in a UV exposure chamber and it survived with little change in surface characteristics.  In other words, its good stuff.


Handy would be the word as it has many uses.  Not an adhesive but rather a permanent flexible caulking.


The internal components of this single ground blocks are much different from a standard frequency VHF/UHF ground block.  The center coax conductor indexes into a close-tolerance tube that is resilient (spring) brass and is gold plated.  The close center-tube tolerance assures a tight connection.   The gold plating assures a good electrical connection and the overall performance is greatly improved over standard designsDIRECTV approved