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Directv SWM SL3S Lnb Kit With Power and Splitter

Directv SWM SL3S Lnb Kit With Power and Splitter

Price : $79.99  $39.99

  • Model: SL3SLNBKIT
  • Manufactured by: The Satellite Shop
  • UPC: 861647606983

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The Directv SL3S Lnb Kit is what you need if you have a Directv SlimLine dish antenna and want to upgrade to a single wire setup.  This lnbf is used in markets that do not need to use the 110 and 119 satellites to get all of your programming.

The SL3S lnbf is able to pick up 3 satellite locations for DIRECTV high defintion programming on one lnbf. This lnbf picks up programming from the 99, 101, and 103 satellites. 


The PI-21 is specifically designed for use with the Single Wire SlimLine Dish Antenna. This is necessary for installing the Slimline SL5S and the SL3S dish.



The 4-Way splitter is designed for use on the SWM (up to 4 receiver application)