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Dish 500 Pro Plus Twin LNB for 110 and 119

Dish 500 Pro Plus Twin LNB for 110 and 119

Price : $49.99  $39.99

  • Model: ES1670
  • Manufactured by: EchoStar
  • UPC: 638102000002

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The DISH Pro Plus Twin LNB/LNBF features DISH Pro Plus Technology and provides reception from the 82 and 91 or 110 and 119 orbital locations. The LNBF includes two receiver outputs and an input for one additional orbital location. This LNB allows you to pick up 2 satellite locations and distribute them to up to 2 single tuner or 1 dual tuners satellite receivers. The 3rd port can be used to hookup a third satellite orbital location, thus having signal from three satellites means MORE CHANNELS. This LNB has the built in switches and does not require the external SW-21 or 4x1 Diseqc switches.