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Dish Network Tripod Kits

Dish Network

Dish Network Turbo Satellite Tripod Kit with 1000.2 LNB

The Dish Network 1000.2 (Western Arc) Turbo HDTV RV Satellite Tripod Kit is designed for use in the Western half of the US and receives signal from 110W, 119W, and 129W degree orbital locations.   This Dish Turbo HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit makes is easy and affordable when tailgating for that all-important game, stopping for the night...

$199.94  $149.00


Dish Network

Dish 500 Portable RV Kit for Tailgating, Camping

The Dish 500 Digital Satellite Kit is designed to pick up the 110 and 119 Dish Network Satellites.  This will work with all Dish Network receivers.             Description of Contents Part# Price Dish Network Dish 500 Antenna w/ Dishpro Plus Twin LNB for 110, 119  ...



The Satellite Shop

Dish Network Dish 500 Plus Satellite Tripod Kit

The Dish 500 PLus Satellite Tripod  Kit is for the Dish Network 119, 118.7, 119 International Satellites.   A Dish Pro Dual LNB   not included will be needed to pick up the 129 HD Satellite .             Description of Contents Part# Price Dish Network Dish 500 Plus Antenna w/129...

$199.99  $159.99