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Non Penetrating Flat Roof Mount

Perfect Vision

Perfect Vision NPR8 Non-Penetrating Flat-Roof Mount (NPR-8)

A variety of hole patterns are pre-punched in this base frame. You can drill the center plate area if necessary to fit other antenna foot patterns.  No holes need to be drilled in the roof surface, this avoids reluctance by building owners and reduces the possibility of roof leaks. The total weight of the assembly can be varied by the use of...



Perfect Vision

Roof Mat for NPR Flat Roof Mounts, 37.9" x 35.375"(Fits NPR6 & NPR8)

These pads are designed to be used under non-penetrating roof (NPR) mounts like our NPR6B and NPR8 . No holes need to be drilled in the roof surface with those mount designs but a pad should be used under the frame to provide a small buffer between the metal angle and the roof coating. Use of a pad can avoid reluctance by building owners and...