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DIRECTV Dual Output LNB Upgrade Replacement for 18 Inch Round Dish

Model: ZKFG52N
Manufacturer: Directv
Price: $39.99  $19.99
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This is a dual output DIRECTV lnbf which is used as a replacement lnb for 18 and 24 inch round dishes with the DIRECTV rectangle fitting.  Buy a ... more info

Directv HD Satellite Dish RV Tripod Kit, SWM 3 Lnb (TKT-3SB)

Model: TKT-3SB
Manufacturer: The Satellite Shop
Price: $209.96  $119.99
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Get satellite at any outdoor event!   Great for tailgating and outdoor sporting events.  Bring your receiver from home and you can get ... more info

Perfect Vision Hot Shot Slimline Satellite Dish Heater Kit

Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Price: $179.99  $149.99
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This low voltage Hot Shot dish heater kit will keep your satellite dish clear of ice and snow. It has a built-in sensor that turns on Heater in ... more info

Perfect Vision RG6 Coax SC Single CB1B06DSCR0-05, Directv, 1000’ Black

Model: CB1B06DSCR0-05
Manufacturer: Perfect Vision
Price: $119.99  $99.00
Sale: $107.99

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This black, single, RG-6 coax cable is UL Listed, has a solid copper conductor wire, DIRECTV approved, SBCA compliant, and comes in an easy to use ... more info