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Hot Shot 18-22" Satellite Dish Heater Kit (HS18NGRFKIT)

Hot Shot 18-22" Satellite Dish Heater Kit (HS18NGRFKIT)

Price : $149.99  $129.99

  • Model: HS18NGRFKIT
  • Manufactured by: Perfect Vision
  • UPC: 728028041071

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This low voltage satellite dish heater is designed for an 18”-20” oval or any similar shape reflector. The Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Kit will keep your Satellite Dish antenna Clear of Ice and Snow from collecting on your satellite dish.

The Hot Shot satellite dish heater has a Built-in Sensor that turns on Heater in freezing conditions by a self adhesive Heating Element and will help prevent service outages due to signal loss caused by the buildup of snow or ice on the dish.

It can also reduce rain fade by up to 75%. By simply attaching the self-adhesive vinyl pad to the satellite antenna.

*Ships UPS ground.

The Hot Shot Satellite Dish heater features: 

  • Safe low-voltage24VACheater
  • Doesn't  require licensed  electrician installation
  • Automatic thermostat turns "on" just above freezing temperatures and "off" when the dish surface  warms up
  • Durable Vinyl material lasts along  time
  • Etched foil  resistance heating element
  • Multiple heat zones apply the maximum heat  where it's  needed most
  • 3M Acrylic  adhesive assures a tight bond to the antenna
  • Conforms to the reflector curves and  angles
  • One  hundred feet of electrical cable  provided
  • Heavy-duty wire-woundpower transformer provided

The Hot Shot Satellite Dish Heater Kit Includes:

  • 100 Feet of Cable
  • Thermostatic Temperature Sensor
  • Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  • Durable All-Weather Material
  • Safe Low Voltage Power Supplies
  • 1 Transformer Connection

 Works on all standard 18"-20" dishes.

  • DirecTV Duo
  • DorecTV 3-Phase Elleptical
  • DISH 300
  • DISH 500
  • DISH 1000
  • DISH Super Dish 105/121
  • All standard 18"-22" dishes



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