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Ice Zapper 2 Dish Heater with Manual Control for 46cm - 1.2m Dishes

Ice Zapper 2 Dish Heater with Manual Control for 46cm - 1.2m Dishes

Price : $74.99

  • Model: ICEZAPPER2
  • Manufactured by: SkyVision
  • UPC: 861647606594

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If you are tired of your satellite dish building-up with ice and snow this is the product for you. With this there will be no more climbing on your roof to get the ice of your dish so you can watch your satellite tv. Don't get snowed in with nothing to watch, buy the Ice Zapper 2 today!!!

Instead of using a heating pad which clears only up to 40 square inches of dish surface, The Ice Zapper dish heater has two heating pads. This gives you enough radiant heat to clear approximately 80-140 square inches of dish antenna surface.

With this model instead of having a thermostat which automatically come on at 32 degrees, you can actually turn it of and on your self using manual controls. This is perfect if you are in an area that sees snow even if its higher than 32 degrees.

The Ice Zapper is powered by a 110v power supply, meaning all you need to do is run a medium grade outdoor extension cord to install this (unless you have a power outlet next to your dish).

This Ice Zapper2 is easy to install, made in the U.S.A., and is backed by a 1 year warranty.