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Dish Network 1000.4 Eastern Arc Lnb for Satellites 61.5, 72.7, 77.0

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The official DishNetwork "Installation Instructions" 2452207 in general are very good, except I found I could not make it work if I made the initial tuning for 72. Also, they show three wires coming off the LNB, however, you do not need to run three wires from the LNB to your receiver, only one --- but they do not tell you that, nor the fact that it makes no difference which LNB port you use to attach your one wire. Second, they tell you to use a peaking meter and do a set up for satellite 72 ----- well I don't have a peaking meter and no matter how I tried, even though I got a strong signal on 72, when I then did the "Check Switch" step I never was able to get a signal for 77 or 61.5 (even after multiple tries; with my one wire attached to the 72 port of the LNB). But when I did my initial setup for 61.5 (with my one wire on the 61.5 port of the LNB -and- with aluminum foil over the 72 & 77 heads of the LNB); then after adjusting for maximum signal for 61.5, when I removed the aluminum foil and did the “Check Switch” step, both 72 and 77 also came in strongly. However, in my case whereas the tables for my zip code said to use 183 degrees for setting up for 72, I found I needed to use 186 degrees for 61.5 ---- I agree that setup for skew is not critical ---- after fine tuning elevation and azimuth, then adjusting skew by even huge amounts (like 15-20 degrees) made no difference in signal strength.
Date Added: 06/17/2014 by Raymond Dornbusch