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Perfect Vision Non Penetrating Hydro Mount w 4 Bins (NPR9KIT)

Perfect Vision Non Penetrating Hydro Mount w 4 Bins (NPR9KIT)

Price : $109.99

  • Model: NPR9KIT
  • Manufactured by: Perfect Vision

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The non-penetrating Hydro-Mount® system is a proprietary design for a faster, easier, more effective installation. This hexagonal shaped mount utilizes lightweight plastic Hydro-Mount® bins that replace the traditional cinder block ballast. These bins are weighted by filling them with water on your install site. These 4 bins displace the same weight as the cinder blocks they replace.  Hydro-Mount

Hydro-Mount kit includes NPR9 mount, water bins, with all the needed hardware. Mounting plate incorporates all the same features as the NPR8. Hydro-Mount bins are built with lid mounting points, specialty screws with wrench are included in hardware pack within mount box. A mat is not required, rubber padding strips are applied to bottom of mount for slip resistance. For further information: 


·        8 - 5/16” x 0.75” Hex Head Bolts Grade 5

·        4 - 5/16” Hex Nuts

·        4 - 5/16” Hex Nuts Welded to Bottom Plate

·        6 - 5/16” Split Ring Lock washers

·        2 - 5/16” Flat Washers

·        2 - Green Self-tapping Ground Screws

·        26 - Specialty Tamper Resistant Screws

·        1 - Specialty Allen Wrench

·        4 - Hydro-Mount Water Bins w/ Lids

·        6 - Rubber Pads 3mm thick “applied”

·        *Dish, Mast and Wind Legs Not Included*


The topmost holes (eight) are for attachment of a ‘wind leg’ brace. The center holes (four) accommodate a small dish in the center of the frame if you prefer that location. You can also drill clearance holes for other foot patterns you may wish to attach. The lower set of various hole patterns accommodate the larger antennas and still provide enough space for one wind leg at the top and one to the side (neither are included). If you refer to the upper right photo you can see the correct arrangement of the optional ‘wind leg’ braces. Water bins hold just under 5 gallons of water at the fill line, to equal 40 lbs. of water ballast. Kit weight - 30 lbs