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Retrodeck Dish Mounting System ( NO LAG BOLTS REQUIRED)

Retrodeck Dish Mounting System ( NO LAG BOLTS REQUIRED)

Price : $49.99  $44.99

  • Model: RETRODECK
  • Manufactured by: RTSC
  • UPC: 894346000202

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The Retrodeck is used to mount a satellite dish/antenna when re-roofing homes or can be used for new installations. Unlike the Commdeck the Retrodeck does not house the cable.


  1. Remount existing dish or antenna without lag bolt penetration through new roofing material
  2. New dish/antenna installations where cables are not pre-wired through the attic
  3. Mount antennas without using a tripod
  4. Adding a second dish or off air antenna
  5. Solar panels, attach mounting brackets for awnings, mount weather sensing equipment


Benefits and Features


  1. Supports dishes from 18 iches in size to 36 inches offering exceptional strength and adjustability
  2. Easily install, remove and upgrade satellite dishes or antennas
  3. Prevents damage to roof/siding
  4. Roof warranties, including workmanship, remain intact
  5. Universal hole pattern allows for use with standard Dish Network, DirecTV, Wild Blue and High-Def antennas
  6. No cutting of shingles required
  7. Under shingle application ends lag bolt penetration through roof or siding
  8. Inexpensive mounting solution


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