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WS International ESX521U-AM FSS Single Ku Band Standard LNB

WS International ESX521U-AM FSS Single Ku Band Standard LNB

Price : $39.99

  • Model: ESX521U-AM
  • Manufactured by: WSI

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Model: ESX521U-AM

Adjustable Ku Band Monoblock LNBF

Adjusts between 4 degrees to 12 degrees!

Excellent choice for Galaxy 19 & SES 1 or any other satellites within 4-12 degrees of spacing!

The ESX521U-AM is the newest LNBF to hit the satellite industry with the newest technology.  This a high stability, high gain, yet low noise figure single LNB allows reception of Ku band signals with the highest possible signal level and quality.  Fits any standard Ku band satellite dish with a 40mm universal LNBF mount.  Use this with your Free To Air receiver for excellent and superior Ku band reception.  This LNBF will outperform most 0.1dB LNBFs on the market! 


This line is sure to quickly become upon the favorite brand and model among satellite technicians, dealers, resellers, network & cable TV engineers, operators, and hobbyist, just as our previous line did.  If other brands are just not performing to the highest standards, try the latest WS International brand products.  With an un-heard of 2-year warranty, you can rest assured that you'll get the best performance year after year after year!




  ESX521U-AM Adjustable Monoblock Other Fixed Monoblocks
Adjusts to receiver signal from other satellites: Yes No
Range of adjustment: 4 - 12 degrees 4 degrees only
Built in DiSEqC switch: No Yes
Warranty period: 2-Years 0 - 2 Years*

Fits standard  40mm LNBF brackets available on all satellite dishes with out an adapter:



Manufactured by WS International:





"The Newest, Best Performing, & Highest Quality LNBF

 To Hit The Satellite Industry!"


Longer neck allows for F/D better adjustment in order to adjust for better reception!


Not just a pretty colored LNBF, it also outperforms the competitions!


Try one out for yourself!  You'll be surprised by the performance & quality of this all new Ku band Standard LNBF!